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Calgary Chapter - Box 48, Site 12, RR6  Calgary AB   T2M 4L5
Site Created by: Natalija Malnar
Promote unity among the young generations of the Croatian community in Calgary, Vancouver and across Canada.

Bring together people of various interests so that the community may benefit from the many talents its members possess

Learn more about our rich Croatian culture and heritage

Stay current with trends, events and issues in Croatia

Our Mission
Main Page
© YCCA 2002 - All Rights Reserved
Calgary Chapter - Box 48, Site 12, RR6  Calgary AB   T2M 4L5
Site Created by: Natalija Malnar
YCCA is a non-political group solely interested in the social well being of the younger generations of Croatian-Canadians.

The YCCA is essentially a small group of people who feel the need to create a niche for themselves within the greater Croatian community. The goals of the YCCA are as follows:


This is a club for people who are young and still idealistic but are not one-dimensional in their thoughts or their approach to Croatia and to life in general. Essentially, the Alliance would like to draw together people of various interests and backgrounds with the purpose of learning from each other and creating a network of support.

It is our desire to participate actively within the Croatian community but also within the greater community as a whole. We are also interested in hosting a wide range of events. Here are some ideas of events and activities we're interested in organizing and participating in:

          Showings of current Croatian films followed by a discussion of the films' content
          A literature club
          Cultural events such as cooking classes
          Sporting activities such as skiing, hiking, etc.
          Social events
          Registering as a group for events such as the Sun Run, Terry Fox Run, etc.

These are just some suggestions. As is stated above, one of our main goals is to draw people together and to have fun. This will not work without your participation and support. If you have any ideas or questions please feel free to contact any of the current members. Our contact information can be found in the member information area. 
About Us
To attract the younger generations of Croatian-Canadians and to organize events that suit their interests and fulfill their needs
To embrace a diversity of opinions and points of view
To introduce current trends, events, and issues from Croatia through various media
To be entertaining and fun, but also a useful resource for people who are young, Croatian, broad-minded, and looking for their niche in the community and in society as a whole
To shift the focus from politics and folklore to reflect the fluidity of contemporary Croatian culture